TIPIAK offers a complete range of ingredients to food industries


  • Meeting the food industry requirements by constant efforts in R & D, Tipiak Industry, the Tapioca specialist, offers unique texturizers products based on cassava such as Tapiocaline, Specialine and Prétaline which go into the preparation of a growing number of applications: prepared products of meat and fish, cold meats, ready-meals and sauces, dairy products and cheese, bakeries and pastries
  • Building on its industrial know-how and its experience as leader in cereal accompaniments, Tipiak develops a wide variety of plain or flavoured couscous, and unique cereal mixes to rehydrate in hot or cold water, for use in salad catering or prepared meals.
  • Tipiak builds itself on the work of its R & D department and manufacturing expertise of croutons, to offer food manufacturers of soups, salads and catering dishes innovations responding to consumer expectations.

A team of professionals mobilized to respond to customer requirements:

  • Culinary expertise: authenticity and creativity!
  • Quality service: solutions for adapting recipes and industrial processes.
  • The guarantee of quality and food safety: certified sites ISO 9001 and BRC.